AmCham Panama’s ODHC Committee Celebrates Completion of Management Development Program in 11 Education Centers in San Miguelito Panama

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 10:18

Panama, Rep. of Panama-- December 6, 2011--The Committee of Organizational Development and Human Capital (ODHC) of the American Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Panama (AmCham Panama) completed the second phase of the Management Development Program for the Directors and Deputy Directors of schools located in the district of San Miguelito. The program included authorities of the Office of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Regional Directorate of the Ministry in San Miguelito. Mrs. Ana Maria Mantovani, Director of the ODHC Committee, said: "The American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama is acutely aware of the social responsibility we have in the development of the country. We have put our best efforts forward in marrying content with AmCham member company experience in the development program of educational management in the District of San Miguelito. " The program was split into two components. The first program consisted 12 weekly workshops from May through August, with renowned instructors from AmCham member companies such as Solusoft; Franklin Covey; Humaniza Espana; Georgia Tech Panama ; DBM Panama; KPMG Panama; Panama Emprendomás, Inc.; Atenea; and Zaragoza University. The second component was a one-on-one mentoring program that took place from July through October, with the participation of 13 AmCham member companies serving as mentors. Five of the mentoring sessions were successfully concluded. Companies that participated were: ABB, S.A.; AES Panama, S.A.; ALICO; Arias & Muñoz; Cerveceria Nacional; CEVA Logistics Panama; Citibank, N.A.; Dell Panama, S. de R.L.; DHL Panama; ENSA; Semusa Group; Manpower; and SITEL Panama.

Ms. Mantovani gave special recognition to each Director and Deputy Director involved in the 2011 program, which included the participation of 11 schools and staff from the Regional Directorate of San Miguelito. The schools and participants included: IPT of San Miguelito, Participants-Prof. Luis Mosquera, Director and Prof. Climacus Herrera, Assistant Director; IPT Nicolás del Rosario, Professor Neyla Participant-Bustamante, Director; Institute Dr. Alfredo Canton, Participant-Knight Professor Heydi Gonzalez, Director; Education Centre Monsignor Francis Beckman, Participant -Prof. Norato Gonzalez, Director; IPT Angel Rubio, Participant - Prof. Juan Gonzalez, Director; Instituto Rubiano, Participant, Professor Elizabeth Gil de Solis, Director; IPT Chilibre, Participant-Prof. Manuel Caballero, Director; IPT Louis Martinz, Participant-Prof. Mario Betegon, Director; Institute Melchor Lasso de la Vega, Participant--Professor Diana Algandona, Director; Centre for Basic Education General Jerónimo de la Ossa, Participants-- Professor Graciela Moreno, Director and Professor Karina Campos, Deputy Director; and the Center of Basic Education General Jose de San Martin, Participant--Professor Flor Maria Barrios, Director. Participants of the Regional Bureau for San Miguelito were: Professor Luis Peralta, Regional Director; Professor Ikelda Gonzalez, Supervisor; Professor Libertad Rivera, Supervisor; Professor Vicente Valencia, Supervisor; and Prof. Daniel Ortega, Supervisor.

Mrs. Mantovani concluded her speech by saying, "We have contributed to generations of students graduating from these schools and thus have contributed to the Nation."

The Committee on Organizational Development and Human Capital | AmCham Panama ODHC The ODHC Committee focuses on leadership development, management and training within member companies. The group develops and coordinates the annual Development of School Directors of the District of San Miguelito, a mentoring program in partnership with AmCham member companies to strengthen the management skills of directors of primary and secondary education institutions through mentoring programs that runs parallel to a series of free workshops in the areas of leadership, human resource management, emotional intelligence, success through effective techniques, areas of self-management and innovation, and technical assistance.