Personal Data Protection is one of the major objectives of AmCham Panama and of its main employees, and therefore we seek continuous improvement for the safety thereof.

AmCham Panama ensures maximum confidentiality of those personal data of its members, its representatives and third parties who enter their website and those that render the same at any AmCham activity.

In AmCham, we are aware of the high consideration that personal data privacy has for our members and public in general, which are interested in our services.

Based on said policy, in the capacity of member, representative of a member or public in general, I authorize AmCham Panama to use and process personal data that I provide concerning information arising from the entering into your website or by reason of any kind of guild activity in which I participate with the purpose of being informed regularly of the activities organized by AmCham Panama.

As fundamental guarantee, the National Constitution of Panama provides the right that has every person to access to the personal information contained in the databases or public or private registries, and to request their rectification and protection, as well as its deletion. The information collected by AmCham shall only be used for the specific purposes mentioned in these use policies.

Likewise, I know that I may exercise, pursuant to the fundamental guarantees of the National Constitution, the rights of information, access, rectification, protection and deletion of my personal data, by sending a communication to the email [email protected]

This site may contain links or references to other websites that are not under our control, which does not imply any approval of its content o association with their operators regarding the content of said links or references, therefore, this data protection policy is not applicable. We advise you to read the instructions contained in this regard in each webpage that you visit.

You shall be solely responsible for your connection to such pages, in the understanding that AmCham does not assume any liability for the content or accuracy of these links or external references or the availability thereof.

AmCham Panama is under the obligation of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” of the European Union and which entered into force on the past May 25th, 2018.

AmCham Panama reserves its right to modify its Data Protection Policy in accordance with the applicable law at any time. Any amendment made to the Policy shall be published in the website, which shall be accessible to any person.