AmCham Vision:

  •  To be the primary advocate, educator and business catalyst for bi-lateral commerce between the United States and Panama.

Our Core Values:

  •  Democracy
  •  Interdependence
  •  Free Enterprise
  •  Free Trade
  •  Social Responsibility
  •  Ethics
  •  Transparency 

AmCham Mission:

  •  To promote trade, commerce and investment between the United States and the Republic of Panama.
  •  To promote and protect free enterprise and trade promotion agreements.
  •  To collaborate with both the U.S. Government and the Government of Panama to promote and protect the business interests of our members.
  •  To encourage the maintenance of high standards of ethics in bi-lateral business relations.
  •  To encourage AmCham members to become socially responsible corporate citizens and active stakeholders in the social and economic development of Panama.
  •  To maintain relations with organizations with similar objectives, such as the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  •  To be an educator and a primary source of information of economic and trade developments in both countries. 


  •  To ensure the U.S.- Panama Free Trade Agreement ratified on October 12, 2011 goes through the implementation process quickly and is put into force.
  •  To help members take advantage of trade liberalization and new economic opportunities through education and promotion efforts.
  •  To promote members’ business interests and create synergies to improve the flow of international commerce between the U.S. and Panama, making the process of doing business in Panama more efficient and cost effective.
  •  To foster innovation, harness creativity, and protect intellectual property (IP), as vital to creating jobs, advancing economic growth, and generating breakthrough solutions to business challenges.
  •  To communicate to the public ways in which U.S. business and AmCham Panama member businesses are contributing to economic and social development in Panama.
  •  To create an investment climate that supports equality, economic growth, and shared prosperity for both the citizens of Panama and the United States.